The unsolicited testimonials that follow are a selection from our files, and provide an idea of the tremendous scope of the REFLEX-O-BOARD as it harnesses the Power of Reflexology, to ‘help your body heal itself’ naturally and without resorting to drugs. Since its inception over 5000 years ago, Reflexology has been highly regarded as a ‘safe and natural’ modality. It may take a little longer than ‘popping a pill’, but Natural healing can be a lot safer and more holistic.

I would like to officially report to you on the results of the 8 week Health Board intervention programme organised by my honours’ students: In my opinion, you can tell prospective users that:

  1. Perceived stress reduction and relaxation are common positive outcomes of using the health board regularly.
  2. Foot massage/improved circulation to the legs could be another benefit you could mention with confidence.

Some individuals also reported that they had experienced a reduction of headaches.

I continue to thoroughly enjoy the use of my own health Board. I find it an essential part of controlling the pain and discomfort of varicose veins.

Dr. E.S.B, Stellenbosch University

  • Since using the Board I have not had another varicose vein ‘attack’.
  • The occurrence of tension headaches has reduced significantly
  • The physical effects of the board are a pleasant warm, tingling feeling which slowly spreads from the tops of my feet to the region of my knees.
  • I would like to think that immediately after walking on the board I feel a lot more relaxed, but cannot guarantee that it is not just a result of autosuggestion.

Ms. O.K (Reporting to Clinic Nurse at Gentyre after being asked to use the board on a trial basis.)

I would like more details of the Healthboard. My 80 year-old sister had two coronaries. I admitted her to hospital. Despite her condition and age, her recovery was absolutely amazing and she credits her Board with this.

Dr. G.F.O. Pretoria

I believe that my Heavenly Father sent me the Board …… aches and pains throughout my body kept me awake at night and I was taking pills for tension. After only a short while using the Board my pains have disappeared and I am sleeping well. I would recommend the Board to anyone with similar problems.

B. B, Kroonstad

I want to share my wonderful results with you …. I am in my sixties and had varicose veins and very swollen feet – even hanging over my shoes. Medication was of no help. I eventually got blood-poisoning in my foot which my doctor said was because of poor circulation. As a last resort my doctor recommended this Board. After three months walking on the Board I cannot believe that it is the same leg that was giving me all the trouble! The swelling is down and I am able to do all my own housework and work in the garden again. I have lost weight and my legs are a natural colour again. I feel and look years younger.

M. B, Wesselsbron

On 23rd December I broke my leg on Margate beach. I used my Board from the 5th day onwards. On January 6th x-rays showed that the bone was already healing …… my doctor was amazed at how quickly the new bone was forming.


My mother’s back has improved considerably and we enjoy using our Boards regularly

Mrs. A. Y, Vervoerdburg

I continue to enjoy using my Board – my stress levels are much reduced.

Mrs. N. V

My lungs were so congested. For the first time I have had a good night’s sleep … did not cough at all and my breathing is much easier. I put this down to using the Board regularly.

Mrs. S H

I underwent several operations for neuromas under my feet. When they recurred, my doctor was very concerned as he advised that this was most unusual and that another op would be necessary. I decided to try your Board when it was recommended by a friend. After two months my foot has healed without the operation.

Mrs. V K

I am still using your Board with great benefits. I find it very useful and would like to buy another for my friend.

Ms. M G

My right leg was 6 inches thicker than the left because of blood clots. I also suffered from arthritis in my back. After 6 days on the Board, the leg pain was reduced and has disappeared after another few days. My leg is normal and the clots have gone … naturally my stress levels have reduced. My husband used it after his accident and we are now both feeling better without all the pills.

Mrs H van R, Witbeek

From the very first time I used the Board, I felt increased circulation in my legs. Not only that, but also I slept better and had an increase in my energy levels. As a diabetic, these improvements are very important and I want another Board to use at work.

Mr. W. O, Eshowe

Walking on the Board helps me to prepare for the day ahead and I prepare the evening meal after a stressed day – and have noticed such a difference. I find myself more motivated and less easily irritated by those around me. What a fight I have with my boyfriend to get the Healthboard away from him so that I can use it!

Ms. V, Johannesburg

I can witness that the HealthBoard brought “new life” to me. After 12 Years of trying pills for arthritic neck and back, an operation was recommended. While considering this option, I came across the Healthboard. After 2 weeks I found more movement in my neck and after 6 weeks I was free of the pain. No operation for me! Not only that, but six months later, after two sessions of 15 minutes per day on the Board, I was able to throw away my asthma pump which I had been using up to 8x per day.

E.D. Pretoria

Four years ago I had a heart bypass as a result of high cholesterol levels. My cholesterol remained high. After six months of using the Board, tests revealed that my levels were back to normal. The HealthBoard has done wonders in my life.

Mrs. V.K

Three months after starting to walk on the Board, I can tell you that my previous headaches, backache and foot-cramps are a thing of the past. I thank God for this wonderful invention.

Mrs V. H. Durban

Because of my overweight (101Kg) I experienced problems and pain with my legs. After seven months using the Board, my weight is down by 23 Kg and has remained constant for 5 months now.


You name it – I had it! – problems with my heart, kidneys, lungs and rheumatism as well. I now save +- R300 p.m on pills that I no longer need. I would like to share this experience with everyone.

Mrs. P.F.N. Pretoria

I want to share with you my experience from using the Board. Both my husband and I (senior citizens) suffered from high Blood pressure and have been able to reduce our medication. My constant headaches have almost disappeared. Everyone that I know who uses it benefits.

Mrs. F.D

Sir, what a wonderful thing I have discovered (in your Board). My daughter-in-law lent me hers and my back is much better – beforehand I could hardly even bath myself. I enclose my cheque for my own board.

Mrs. S.M.K. Lichtenburg

I am progressing well on the Board and diabetics like me can use it and recommend it without reservation. The pains in my back and legs have improved considerably.

Ms. E.L Thabazimbi

My wife has been using your board on a regular basis and thought that you might be interested to know that after using the board for a few months realised that she had not suffered from chilblains for the first time in many years.

Mr B A – Betty’s Bay

I endorse and recommend the REFLEX-O-BOARD as an active, natural and responsible method of promoting health and well-being, benefiting any age or stage.

Marguerite van der Merwe: Teacher (20 yrs), member South African Society of Teachers of The Alexander Technique; KLEINMOND, South Africa

Regarding my grandson Jack (six last June), he was diagnosed as suffering from cerebral palsy in August last year.
You gave a talk at our local reflexology society in August, and when I heard how Jay Williams spoke about how the children at Eros school were reacting after only using your Reflex-o Board for 1 month, I bought one there and then for Jack for when he got here on holiday. They arrived on holiday about 15 Nov and he started using the board in an unstructured way for 9 weeks. However I gave him his own board (which he was very proud of!) and since 18 Jan he has been using the board for 5 mins after breakfast and 5 mins after dinner every day (before he can watch TV!). Maria said his improvement has been amazing. He was using Neurofen daily for the pain which affected all the joints on his right side. Since they got back to New Zealand he hasn’t had Neurofen for pain at all.
Last year Jack qualified as a “special needs” child at his school (which he started on his 5th birthday). A qualified physiotherapist comes once a week to do special exercises with him during school time. She was amazed at the difference in Jack when she saw him after the holidays. Maria told her about the Board and she wanted to know if she could get one too!! He now sits cross-legged on the floor with all the other children -(no longer on a cushion on a chair). He started touch rugby three weeks ago and “ran like the wind” – no complaints afterwards of sore legs or sore muscles. He is enjoying touch rugby very much again (he joined the Pakuranga United Rugby Club (Under Five Totara) in 2008). He also goes to swimming classes once a week and usually swims sometime over the weekend with the family as this is excellent therapy.”

Mrs PM Cape Town