The Amazing Reflexology Healthboard

The Amazing German Engineered Reflex-o-Board achieves its amazing results by harnessing the ancient and proven modalities of Reflexology, Acupressure and Meridian Therapy. And it does this all in 10-15 minutes daily in the privacy and convenience of your own home.

Reflexology improves:

Your Neurology
and your biology.
Don’t be the only one
without this great technology.

Health is Wealth – Invest in YOURSELF

Welcome to the wonderful healing world of the REFLEX-O-BOARD!

You are about to discover something that could change your health and life – forever!

This is GeoffHealthcare costs are escalating at an alarming rate and many people can no longer afford the time or money. The REFLEX-O-BOARD was developed to assist people who seek holistic therapy at an affordable price in the convenience of their own homes. For the health-conscious who want to help their body heal itself naturally, the REFLEX-O-BOARD harnesses the established principles of Reflexology, also complementing treatments by health practitioners.

Our family was introduced to the REFLEX-O-BOARD when my daughter, Cari, opted not to go the recommended cortisone injection or surgery route for a frozen shoulder. After 5 weeks of regular REFLEX-O-BOARD use, she was able to lift her arm above her shoulder. After 8 weeks she could play tennis again. She also noticed her menstrual cramps had disappeared. Cari then bought me one for my sport-ravaged arthritic knees. Sure enough, after a few weeks I was no longer getting out of bed like a cripple. My insomnia had also abated. So strong was our belief in the REFLEX-O-BOARD, that we bought the business.

When my 97 year old father, an avid reader, could no longer read due to failing eyesight, his ophthalmologist advised that due to his age and poor circulation, his optic nerves were no longer getting sufficient oxygen – “bilateral optic atrophy”. With his Visual Acuity down to 20/100, we encouraged him to use the REFLEX-OBOARD, five months later, his eye specialist was amazed when tests revealed his Visual Acuity had risen to 20/30 and he could once again read. At the same time, stubborn ulcerated sores on his legs and feet had also slowly healed.

Many satisfied REFLEX-O-BOARD users testify that they have experienced relief from stress and many other dis-eases and health-related problems. Independent testing by the Department of Human Movement Studies at Stellenbosch University supports certain of these claims. Dr. Bressan, who headed up the study, even requested to keep her Board as it alleviated her painful varicose veins. More recently, the Oregon Research Institute (USA) has confirmed that walking on similar cobblestonelike surfaces greatly improves mobility and blood pressure in older folk.

How do I use it?

Just shuck your shoes and ‘stomp around’ on it – and the movement and your weight combine to provide the correct stimulus needed to improve your circulation and help clear the ‘blockages’ in your system. It is also well documented that the mind plays a MAJOR part in health and healing, so good, positive thoughts are a VERY important part of your healing ‘cobblestone’ walk!

Reflex-o-Board imageWhile the REFLEX-O-BOARD may not initially be as effective as a hands-on treatment by a skilled therapist, the on-going availability and convenience of daily sessions is a very important factor in the natural healing process! And just imagine not having to make and keep appointments – plus the HUGE savings in time and medical bills! For those who can afford those wonderful professional treatments, the Board provides a marvelous ‘top-up’ or maintenance facility between treatments.

Once you have gone through the ‘running-in’ period, (which can be uncomfortable for those with tender feet !), you will begin to look forward to and enjoy your sessions.