The Board offers individuals an opportunity to enjoy the stimulating effects of reflexology massage in the privacy and convenience of one’s own home, by simply walking on it on a daily basis. In America, this has come to be known as “cobblestone walking”! Against the pressure of one’s own body weight, the specific design of the Board ensures a massage-like pressure on the reflex positions on the soles of the feet. While the Board cannot perhaps be expected to replace a ‘hands-on’ professional treatment, you are able to massage the entire bottom area of the feet, representing the head, thorax, abdomen, spine and pelvis. With more than 7000 nerve endings in the feet, regular use of the Board will stimulate nerve functioning, thereby improving a number of bodily responses. Improved circulation and enhanced energy-flow, which both support better elimination of waste substances and toxins, can be anticipated. Needing only 10-15 minutes daily, the Reflex-o-Board is quick and easy to use – a very convenient addition to support healthy lifestyle choices!